(b. 1995 Memphis, TN

Harrison Brammell is a visual artist and photographer living working and in Nashville, Tennessee. Working in both analog and digital technologies Brammell applies a minimalist view toward the so called "grand landscape". While also creating different works such as unique works on paper and mixed media "photographs" using various tools and techniques. Brammell like the late, great Donald Judd likes to think of his work as “the simple expression of complex thought.” his work is characterized by extensive attention to formal elements such as color, composition, shape, balance, and depth. The photographs of Harrison should remind the viewer of society and culture, as well as the overwhelming changes that are occurring in our natural, unscathed environments.



“A Wondrous Land”, Harrison Brammell’s photographic series is a group of large format photographs showcasing expanses of the American West and other areas across the globe. The photographs capture the vast scale and openness of these pristine and untouched landscapes. With the rapid rise in property development throughout the world, these natural and unscathed lands will unfortunately cease to exist or undergo dramatic change in the near future. Brammell seeks to bring the viewer to them before the hands of man scar or ruin their perfection.

In producing the photographs, Brammell employs a reduction or minimalist attribute along the lines of the methods used by Robert Ryman and Donald Judd. By reducing the images to their simplest terms - their barest bones - the artist creates a very simple "blank slate" for each viewer to interpret. The photographs enable viewers to envision their own sense of space and reality in the landscape and to find themselves in the photograph. The sense of nothingness embodied in the landscape's vastness is designed to set the mind at ease.

The photographs reflect the evolution of Brammell’s techniques from a small photographic format to various formats and techniques such as a 4x5, 8x10,and digital with various elements of scale, color, and overall composition. By incorporating various monochromatic techniques into his photography, in "Expanse" Brammell uses various shades and color in the foreground that become repetitive in each photograph. This technique accentuates the overall simplicity of the works.


This series is an endeavor to help articulate the unimaginable and visualize a disappearing and enigmatic landscape.